Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rockin' Robin!

Hi everyone,

 I had put together this Jukebox probably a year and a half ago and I am now just getting around to using it.

I found these cute little stamps along with the paper and thought it would go perfect with the image. What do you think?

The Jukebox is where I positioned the Action Wobble, now it can really rock!!!

I hope you enjoy my card!

Brighten someones day with an Action WobbleTSQ is waiting for you!


katieo said...

Very cute. I love all of the stitching detail and the cute paper

Adrian said...

2 cute, love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Coming by to check out more
of your project for SOUS but thought I'd just
write on your first post, even though I looked
around this morning!
Totally loving this cut choice and always loved
that music note paper, though I don't think
I've used it yet. LOL!
Great projects!


Life and Knits said...

So pretty Melissa, reminds me of Harpo's juke joint. Absolutely beautiful images and great use of colors! You have a gift my friend!